Delcam University is now Autodesk Manufacturing University

Providing online learning for students interested in a manufacturing career, and for existing professionals looking to improve their knowledge and become certified in Autodesk manufacturing products.



How do I get a username and password?
If you have a subscription code, go to the login page and click on the 'New User Registration' button. This will direct you to the subscription code page where you may submit the code, and then create a username and password.

Where do I get a subscription code?
Autodesk issues subscription codes to commercial customers. If you are a student, refer to your instructor for directions on how to get a subscription code.

What if I forget my username and password?
If you forget your username or password, go to the login page and click on the'Get User Info' button. This will direct you to a page requesting your email address or username. Enter either and your information will be emailed to you.

How do I enroll in a class?
Autodesk will enroll commercial customers in the requested classes. For students, your instructor has already designated which classes you are enrolled in and the subscription code will allow you to view the enrolled classes.

How many times am I able to take a test?
You may only take each test once.

Is it possible to retake a test?
Yes. Contact Autodesk by emailing to reset the test.

What is considered a passing grade for a test?
80% is the passing grade for all tests.

Do I get a certificate for completing the pre-test and post-test?
No. Certificates are only generated after successful completion of the comprehensive test.

Do I have to go through every lesson?
In order for a certificate to be generated, students are required to view 100% of the pages.

How do I download the student version software?
Once logged in, click on the 'Course Tools' tab and click on 'Downloads'. This will direct you to a series of instructions on how to download student versions of the software.

How do I change my password?
To change your password, click on the 'My Profile' button on the upper left corner of the interface. Simply, click on the 'Change your password' link and follow the instructions on the page. If there is a padlock icon next to your name, you will have to contact Contact Delcam by emailing , to unlock your password.

How do I check my grades?
On the home page you will see the course you are enrolled in. Next to each course is what looks like a pie chart. If you click on that pie chart, you will be directed to a page showing each test grade.

If I leave a test before completion, will I only receive partial credit?
Yes. If a test is not fully completed or there is an interruption during the test, the unanswered questions will be reflected in the grade. If you need the test to be reset, Contact Autodesk by emailing